A rape victim who has to testify in court twice, because a judge makes a mistake. A young mum who faces a grueling cancer treatment after her smears were misread. A Pasifika care worker in the Far North, battling a pandemic in an undervalued job.

This podcast takes you behind the scenes of stories by Stuff journalists Kirsty Johnston and Michelle Duff, to hear the voices at the centre of them, in their own words.

Produced by broadcaster Noelle McCarthy, the show is an intimate look at the messy complexity of journalism, feminism and the lives it impacts. 

Weekly episodes will run from November 19, with a new first-person story every Friday.

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Written, presented and researched by Michelle Duff, Kirsty Johnston and Noelle McCarthy
Producer Noelle McCarthy, Bird of Paradise
Executive producer Carol Hirschfeld, Stuff
Interactive designer Sungmi Kim, Stuff
Illustration Ella Bates-Hermans, Stuff
Logo design Johnson Witehira, IDIA
Project editor John Hartevelt, Stuff
Commissioning editors Carol Hirschfeld and Patrick Crewdson, Stuff
Audio recording and editing Matrix Digital, Wellington
Additional editing and soundscaping Sam Scannell, Stuff
Contact us by email tellmeaotearoa@gmail.com

Podcasts are complex, resource-intensive and expensive to make. But they’re a great way to share important stories. We back experienced reporters like Kirsty Johnston and Michelle Duff to take the time required to do this work. Bit by bit, we’re making real change in Aotearoa.

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