A Stuff Circuit Investigation

Fire and Fury

Who’s driving a violent, misinformed New Zealand — and why.

Content warning:
violence and explicit language.

Fire and Fury is a Stuff Circuit investigation into disinformation in Aotearoa New Zealand. It’s a confronting watch (content warning: violence and explicit language), but we felt compelled to make it.

Stuff Circuit would like to thank: FACT Aotearoa @factaotearoa, Paparoa @Paparoa3, Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara @Te_Taipo, Charlie Mitchell @comingupcharlie, Guled Mire @GuledMire, Auckland Transport/Auckland One Rail
Researcher/Reporter Paula Penfold
Researcher/Producer Louisa Cleave
Cinematographer Phil Johnson
Director/Editor Toby Longbottom
Interactive Designers Alex Lim, Aaron Wood, John Harford
Colourist Pete Ritchie
Sound mixer David Liversidge, Radiate
Visual effects Mandy VFX, Steen Bech (post producer), Anita Ward (post producer + VFX artist), Leon Woods (VFX artist), Patrick Junghans (3D artist)
Additional camera Toby Longbottom, Arron Hage
Creative director Toby Longbottom
Executive producer Terence Taylor
Commissioning editors Mark Stevens, Janine Fenwick
Production manager Sky Austin-Martin
Legals Courtney Grenfell
Marketing Zachary White
Communications Melissa Dobson, Candice Dobson
Finance Lovella Aninon
Music Audionetwork
20/20 story Newshub Archive
Archive footage Getty Images

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