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Ever wondered where the grass is greenest? Which spot in this beautiful country would be the sweetest?

Stuff has just crowned Addington our first Sweet Spots winner: a central Christchurch suburb that, a decade on from the 2011 quake, is young, newly vibrant - and still affordable.

No single place is perfect for everyone though.

Perhaps you like the idea of a bustling neighbourhood with the amenities that go with it — cafes, bars, local events.

Or maybe somewhere out of the big cities, where everyone pitches in at the community working bee, is more your vibe.

Stuff has gathered all the data we could get our hands on to help you find your own Sweet Spot: a place in New Zealand we think you'd love living in.

Your Sweet Spot might be a place you already know well - it could even be the suburb or town over.

Or maybe it's somewhere you've never heard of, let alone considered living in.

Our tool lets you pick five or six things that are priorities for you. You can move them around in order of importance and, when you're happy, send them off to our data oracle to see what it suggests.

It will provide you with some key stats about a Sweet Spot we think is right for you - and how it stacks up against where you live now.

Answer not so sweet? Feel free to change up your criteria and try again!

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      DATA BY: DOT Loves Data,, Stats NZ, MBIE
      John Harford, Thomas Kliem, Kate Newton/STUFF
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