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On the first of June 2020, in the middle of the first nationwide lockdown, Stuff was purchased for a one dollar coin, inspired by the belief in walking your own path. Following no one.


On that day Stuff became a wholly New Zealand-owned media organisation, answerable only to the people of Aotearoa. Since then we’ve worked to create a company that’s fiercely independent in its thinking and actions. Reimagining what a media platform is and can be.

More nīwha (bold), imaginative and surprising. More joyful and human. More committed to equality and Te Tiriti o Waitangi. More of and for this place. Because we are.

We’re investing in front-line journalism because the truth takes more. Choosing to partner, or not, with those who share our values. Making decisions based on what’s right, not what’s convenient. Holding the powerful to account, starting with ourselves. Rethinking every part of our business to make it more original in its kaupapa and more impactful in its actions.

Our goal is to become the most trusted organisation in Aotearoa, which for a media company is pretty radical in itself.

Here’s where you come in.

For more than 160 years, our news and information services have been part of Kiwi communities - you probably read our newspapers and magazines, follow live news and current events on Stuff, or advertise with us.

Now, you can also make direct financial contributions to help power our local and national news teams up and down the country, our live blogs and video streams, and our award-winning investigations.

Producing hundreds of stories every day costs time and money, so if you value what we do, and want to see more impactful work that benefits Aotearoa, please contribute.

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Turning the news into $4.5 million relief funds

Stuff did more than tell news about Cyclone Gabrielle. Our mahi connected many Kiwis to the disaster and helped raise $4.5 million to help communities, businesses and individuals get back on their feet.

Helping Kiwis counteract disinformation

By exposing the hidden agendas and disseminators of disinformation, Stuff Circuit’s Fire and Fury documentary helped Kiwis counteract a growing threat to our democracy.

Helping turn our red zones into native green

We launched The Forever Trees campaign and helped transform an Ōtautahi Christchurch red zone into a bush hub with 5000 native trees.