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Your contribution, whatever the size, will allow us to continue providing quality journalism to all New Zealand.

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Your contribution, whatever the size, will allow us to continue providing quality journalism to all New Zealand.

At Stuff, our mission has always been to provide you with trustworthy, accurate and reliable news and information. We’ve never taken your support for granted. And we need it now more so than ever to fulfill our duty to you.


This commitment is more vital than it’s ever been, particularly in light of the challenging times we all find ourselves in. And we remain a trusted source of information even though, like news organisations everywhere, we’re under more commercial pressure than ever.

For more than 150 years, our news and information services have relied on your support, either through subscription to our newspapers, consuming news via our online sites, or indirectly through the patronage you provide to those who advertise with us.


150+ years of reliable journalism

Now there’s a new way you can support our journalism: by making direct financial contributions to help power our local and national news teams up and down the country and our award-winning investigations

Each time you contribute, you’re helping our journalists continue to do what they do best: sort the facts from the fake news and report on the things that matter to you in your daily life. Your contribution will enable us to shed light on our nation’s most important issues, and continue to question those in power.

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As our traditional means of funding journalism decline – advertising in particular – the direct support of our readers will become even more important.

Today, open and robust public discourse is under greater threat than ever. Together, with your support, we can continue to play our role in safeguarding a free and open society, and fostering a democracy that’s accountable to all its citizens.

No matter how small or large, know that your support is making a difference in sustaining the values of freedom and openness that mean so much to each and every one of us

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150+ years of reliable journalism

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