Life out of Death

Most New Zealanders say they would like to be an organ donor. But only very few of us will donate. Our donor rate trails Australia, the United Kingdom and others.

Life out of Death explores why and what we can do about it. Learn more by answering the questions below, watching the video and reading the stories. Most importantly, talk to your family about your own feelings on organ donation.

I would like to donate an organ.
I'm years old.
You’re like 62% of New Zealanders in your age group and 53% of New Zealanders overall, who have also indicated yes on their driver licences.
A New Zealander’s actual chances of donating an organ are low. Last year, there were 1,850,297 people who had indicated 'yes' to being an organ donor on their driver licences. Only 61 people donated.
What if you needed an organ?
Let's say you needed

You’d have to join the 463 other people already on the waitlist. The average waiting time is 3 years.

Unfortunately, many die while waiting for a kidney.

Organ donation stories
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